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Considering all the “junk” websites out there, looking for a tattoo has moved from fun to bothersome. So many girls appear to get stuck it a barbarous, unoriginal tattoo practice. What I mean with that is that I seen a lot of girls with tattoos, and all of them seem exactly the same. Where would you go then to locate the new ideas that nobody else has?

The greatest mistake I am certain that you make, and that I did this too, would be to go to Google and type in “tattoo design” or even “tattoo thoughts”. The first few pages are only full of crappy sites with unoriginal art. If you’re OK with this excellent. You’re set but I’m assuming you’re reading this because you would like to find something unique and distinctive.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are great but they have one huge obstacle for Tattoo Discussion. They position the sites that possess the maximum tattoos that the greatest and that is it. They do not care if they’re the exact same as everybody else; they simply need the website with the most information on very top. So once you start looking for tattoo design ideas online, you’re getting sites such as that. So how can you discover the first sites? Can you hunt further in the search engines?

NO! This will only take your time up. What you’re doing is looking for the wrong terms. Rather than typing in “tattoo design” try typing in Tattoo Forum. It took me a few decades to figure this out but after I did I discovered that the most amazing, first tattoos on the market.

So locating these forums are good but here are a Couple of items to look out for:

1. Price. You need to be certain that you don’t pay anything over $50 for a lifetime membership. It’s true, you can get lifetime memberships for an extremely low price.

2. Authority. Has the website been around for a short time? Do the members stay with the website or do they cancel straight away. If many counter tops, this usually means the website might not be that good.

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